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Online Essential Oils Class with guided meditation


Would you love to learn how to use Essential oils daily for

  • your overall health, vitality and energy
  • your immunity and preventing sickness
  • your emotional wellbeing and mental alertness
  • your spiritual practices and energetic being
  • your personal care and skin health
  • and safe household cleaning?

Whether you use Essential oils already and would like to know more or if you are brand new and not sure where to start, this intro class is perfect to get a good grounding in the safe and effective use of them.

As an Aromatherapist and Natural Skincare and Spa expert for 18 years now I have had a lot of amazing experiences with the oils. Now it is my turn to teach you how to have Wholehearted Wellness for your life using these beautiful precious 'Gifts of the Earth'. I use doTERRA essential oils as I love what this company is creating in terms of giving back, to the earth, to the farmers and growers and to people like us who long to make a difference to our families and communities.

My Vision is a world in which Women live their Wholehearted life - a life of passion, purpose, freedom and connection.

My mission is to teach the teachers, and empower the women who are stepping up to make a difference - the leaders, the healers, teachers and the light-workers.

If this is you, then welcome beauty, I've been expecting you...

I will show you in this 90 min online event how you can embrace the oils into your world and create more health, peace, abundance and connection. In fact, this is exactly what our beautiful Wholehearted Wellness community is all about. Beyond just the oils we are collaborating in ways that I personally dreamed of for 10 years! We lift one another up, support each other's goals and dreams and ensure that we leverage one another's strengths and passions so it is a win-win situation for everyone and everyone gets to do EXACTLY what they love! If this sounds like you we would love you to join us.

After the class you will have the opportunity to join the community and purchase the oils for yourself at wholesale prices with lots of extra perks like reward points and even potentially creating another income stream for yourself. There is no obligation to buy and even when you enrol there are no lock-in contracts or ongoing obligations outside of choosing to build a business. I will let you know how this works in the class so come with a note book and pen!

There will be lots to learn and you will be able to utilise some of this information right away. If this is calling you and you know that it is something you would be open to then please come with lots of questions so we can interact on the live stream.

I really look forward to seeing how this can empower your life, your well being and mindset as well as your abundance.

I can't wait to see you shine, beauty!

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