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Includes 12 x 60 minute sessions

3 monthly payments of AUD $1200.00
- OR - Single payment of AUD $3000.00 (save AUD $600.00)

You are a Gen X ‘firestarter’, a strong woman who leads with her heart, sets big hairy audacious goals and is doing whatever you can to have those expansive soul shifts so you know that your contribution game is set on high.

You work in the Health/Wellness/Natural Beauty or Skincare/Creative/Coaching fields and long for a peer who 'gets you' and what you are about, so that you can share this journey with someone who really cares. You’ve done every personal development course, every online lesson, watched every Brene Brown video you can get your hands on!

Now you know it’s time to share your biggest gifts with the world, and whilst you have some amazing people around you in the shape of soulmates you can hang with for hours and girlfriends you can pick up with no matter how long it’s been, days or weeks (even months or years with those ‘lifers’ in another country or state!), you just have this inner knowing that to reach your goals you are going to need more.

Your peers know you are entrepreneurial and perhaps there is somewhat of an expectation that you will just have shit handled, but deep down you know this is not always the case, and you’re working on your vulnerability. I get it, it’s not always easy amongst the endless games of life, earning a living, loving your partner, meeting the endless demands of children or even on the (seemingly) endless cycle of “trying” for kids….

It’s EXHAUSTING! and yet that spark for life, that spiritual rebel (who dressed like Madonna in the 80’s to prove a point! yeh! I see you!), that entrepreneurial goddess that has a BILLION incredible ideas a day and simply not enough time to share them with the world…..it’s all bubbling away in YOU waiting to be seen and heard.

And sure, you have more ‘successes’ notched up than Beyonce’s given autographs BUT….and this is a big one…..you know that alignment is what you crave, beyond the people that love and believe in you anyway, (even when you’re a dribbling wreck at 1 in the morning with an empty organic dark chocolate bar wrapper next to your computer screaming “WHY, WHY, WHY”, at the thought that a bunch of smug, selfie-loving, meme-creating millenials are better than you at this ‘Digital’ shit!), what you need is someone who gets you. Someone who understands why you want to make such a massive difference in the world, and they are up to big things too, even when those big things seems small and consumed by technicalities (like WordPress, Lead Pages and Instastories!), you both know that the Vision is strong (‘May the Force Be with you – yeah now I know you’re a real Gen X!).

You crave,

Compassion (you don’t need to be babied, after all you grew up in the Post World War II baby boom when adults were the focus and kids were told to “entertain yourself” which usually meant playing outside, you just need a little more understanding)

Creativity (this you feel you have a tonne of, that is, if you didn’t have to spend so much time figuring out what your last Gmail password was…)

Abundance (and this means so much more to you than just money….although that’s nice too ;), a day off at the Spa with girlfriends sounds just perfect thanks very much!)

Knowledge (just one more course then I’m done – yeah I don’t belive you, it’s lifelong!

Authenticity (the kind of ‘cut the shit’ attitude that gives you an instant bestie)

Confidence (not the kind that gives you the balls to vigourously shake your head and “tut” at the guy that just drove into YOUR parking spot you so patiently waited for, for ten minutes outside Woolies, but the kind that makes you feel like Marianne Williamson when you get up on stage to share your wisdom)

I see you, honey, I know that you’ ve shed more than a few tears for your passions and made more than a couple of sacrifices for what you believe in. Me too! That’s why I LOVE working with you, empowering you in your business, and your life, giving you a sounding board to bounce all those juicy ideas off, and a second (non-judgmental) opinion in those moments that you doubt yourself and your Vision.

You see I’m willing to do the work with you, because I know you like to have a comrade-in-arms. I’m willing to have those vulnerable heart-busting wide open conversations, if that’s what’s needed. And yes, I’m going to be your spiritual running-buddy when you need it, your hold-you-to-account bestie, the person you can lean into when it seems like chaos is reigning. That’s what I do, I simply reflect to you all the things you can’t see when you need them the most. Never transactional, always heartfelt and open, because I know the relationship we have is not just about making a difference to you……

Let’s do this! Can’t wait to meet you (and who knows maybe I already have, soul sister…).

With much love and gratitude

your Wholehearted guide,

Lisa xo

If you want to know if i am the mentor for you please connect with me on Facebook and Insta @wholeheartedlisa and watch my videos and also read my About me on www.lisatristram.com

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